While imps are exceptionally knowledgeable, they are also known to be a bit awkward and clumsy. The average imp is often slightly impatient, occasionally inattentive, and commonly a little on the sassy side. It is what one would expect of an imp. They are true creatures of the wild.

While summoned, an imp will do your bidding, but expect them come with a desire to be off playing or causing mayhem elsewhere. If you aren’t giving them commands, they will inevitably sneak away and need to be re-summoned. You can ask them to wait, but you will have to call Alexa to wake them if you need them before the wait period is done.

Getting your imp to wait is done with a 3 block command.
[“wait”] + [a number from 1 to 5] + [“minutes”]
Example: “wait 2 minutes”

Getting your imp to research information is done with a simple 3 block command.
[research] + [topic to be researched] + [topic detail to research]

Spells (resource: 5e SRD)
- invoke by saying: “research” + the spell name + the detail to research
Example 1: “research fireball range”
Example 1: “research acid arrow description”

researchable spell details are as follows:
---- casting time
---- classes
---- components
---- concentration
---- description
---- duration
---- level
---- material
---- page
---- range
---- ritual
---- school
---- subclasses

Monsters (resource: 5e SRD)
- invoke by saying: “research” + the monster name + the detail to research
Example 1: “research zombie speed”
Example 1: “research black dragon alignment”

researchable monster details are as follows:
---- actions
---- alignment
---- armor class
---- challenge rating
---- charisma
---- charisma save
---- condition immunities
---- constitution
---- constitution save
---- damage immunities
---- damage resistances
---- damage vulnerabilities
---- dexterity
---- dexterity save
---- hit dice
---- hit points
---- intelligence
---- languages
---- name
---- perception
---- senses
---- size
---- special abilities
---- speed
---- stealth
---- strength
---- subtype
---- type
---- wisdom
---- wisdom save

Getting your imp to roll dice is done with any of several available block commands.
Rolling a single die: [“roll a”] + [die type]
Rolling multiple dice: [“roll”] + [number of dice to roll] + [a die type]
Calculated Roll: [“roll”] + [number of dice to roll] + [a die type] + [“plus” or ”minus”] + [modifier value]

Die Rolling is supported for the following dice types:
d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, and d100

Simple Die Rolling
- invoke by saying: “roll a “ + the die type
Example: “roll a d12”

Advanced Die Rolling without a modifier
- invoke by saying: “roll” + the number of dice + the die type
Example: “roll 2 d20”

Advanced Die Rolling with a modifier
- invoke by saying: “roll” + the number of dice + the die type + roll modifier
Example 1: “roll 2 d20 plus 5”
Example 2: “roll 2 d20 minus 3”

Special Die Rolling
-invoke by saying “roll for” + special roll type
Example 1: “roll for advantage”
Example 2: “roll for disadvantage”

Getting your imp to describe a location is done with a simple 2 block command.
[“describe a”] + [location]

The imp will describe a random location that fits the requested location type.
-invoke by saying “describe a” + location type
Example: “describe a library”

location types are as follows:
---- armory
---- bank
---- castle room
---- crypt
---- den
---- dungeon room
---- farm house
---- inn
---- library
---- market shop
---- room
---- tavern
---- vault