Imp Director is a multifaceted dungeon assistant with a real personality. This original concept comes to you from the people at CYBERG Technologies.  Imp Director exists in two parts. The first is as an Amazon, Alexa based skill. The second is as the website you are currently visiting. The Imp Director, Alexa skill is customizable through this website or it can be used on its own.

Simply, add the skill to your Alexa enabled device and say “Alexa, start Imp Director.”  Alexa will summon a magical imp to personally assist you. Your imp can perform a host of ever expanding services, such as

 -get information on items, spells, and monsters from open game licensed content.

 -roll game dice and even do advantage or disadvantage rolls

 -provide random descriptions of locations based on location types

 -set the mood when asked to play ambient background music

 -play short audio clips to liven up a scene or add to its realism

 -read custom user descriptions of rooms or other scenes

Best of all, the Imp Director, Alexa skill integrates with to extend its capabilities and allow subscribers to generate truly customized content.